Observe Utility

Observe Utility listen’s property changes at run time on any assigned variable and calls its defined function. This utility does the same job as ChangeWatcher or BindingUtils. I prefer using this as its very light weight, fast and handy.

package org.util

     * Detects changes to a value and runs a function in response.
     * @param source: Source value that is to be watched.
     * @param enabled:Prevents ObserveUtil firing before visual elements are available.
     * @param handler: Function that gets called when source property gets changed.
     * @author Chouhan

    public class ObserveUtil
       public var handler:Function;
       public var enabled:Boolean =true;

       public function set source(source:*):void{

 handler="{valueChangedFunction}" />

 private function valueChangedFunction():void{
     /* Implement your logic upon property change */

Hope you’ve had fun using this utility. !!

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